The Rhone Rangers mission is to educate the public on Rhone varietal wine grapes grown in America and to promote the production and enjoyment of these wines, with emphasis on integration into our daily lives.

Looking back over the 2016 year, Rhone Rangers brought winery members, grower members and associate partners added value in a number of ways including: successful tastings in San Francisco and Los Angeles, increased media exposure, a robust social media presence, scholarship winners with our James Beard Foundation partnership and an integrated Grenache Day blitz. For a full review of the 2016 programs please see the Year in Review.

Why become a grower member of the Rhone Rangers?

  • Join marketing programs to educate and promote awareness of American Rhone varietal wines
    • E-blasts reach 7,000 consumers, we share our story year round on social media, press releases, etc.
  • Build and spread demand for American Rhone varietal wines through public relations
    • By actively pitching American Rhone varietal wine stories and building relationships with wine writers
  • American Rhone education: produce top quality wine and deliver excellent service
  • Scholarship Programs
    • Support research on Rhone varieties through the Rhone Rangers Scholarship Fund, which donates annually to students working to advance the knowledge of American Rhone varieties
    • A listing on the Rhone Rangers website with a link to your website
  • Promotional programs and advertising to attract consumers
    • NEW in 2017 – Growers are invited to participate at Rhone Ranger tastings (San Francisco and Los Angeles) as long as you pour only one wine per winery client. Whether your client is a Rhone Rangers member or not, we invite you to showcase your Rhone varietals only. For a wine to qualify as a “Rhone Ranger” wine or Rhone Blend, it should contain at least 75% of the twenty-one traditional Rhone grape varieties. Membership is on an annual basis. The following levels of membership are available:
      • Table fee for grower members to participate in marketing events: $425
      • Growers with less than 40 acres of Rhone type grapes: $125
      • Growers with more than 40 acres of Rhone type grapes: $350
      • Grower organizations: $500

Please join! Complete your application and submit it with your credit card payment or print out and mail with your credit card information or check for the appropriate amount.

Please make checks payable to: The Rhone Rangers Mailing Address: PO Box 1724 Paso Robles, CA 9344