Wine Camp: Rhones on the Ranch

05/21/2021 03:30 PM Halter Ranch

Discover the similarities and differences of the Rhone varietals grown here at Halter Ranch and learn why Paso Robles is the perfect location for these varietals from Southern Rhone to thrive. Learn about each varietal’s role in our winemaking process and why we love to use them.

This seminar will feature the 2018 Grenache Blanc, 2019 Viognier, 2018 CDP (Cotes de Paso) and the 2018 Cuvée Alice.

We will host limited seating for a live event in our Historic Barn and a virtual experience for those who cannot make the trip.

Members and guests may purchase up to 4 tickets for the live session, while virtual tasters will be shipped all four wines featured in the seminar to enjoy at home with friends.